Workers' Compensation Claims

It's inevitable. Regardless of your preventative programs, injuries will occur and claims will be filed. The effect of these injuries on your operations and the overall cost of claims, however, can be controlled and minimized.

Claims Reporting

We are laser-focused on the true objective -- to quickly resolve claims. We effectively and efficiently accomplish this through our time-proven process, the cornerstone of which is facilitating communication between all parties involved from the day a claim opens until it is closed:

  • Employee
  • Employee's Attorney
  • Medical Providers
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Your Attorney
  • You

Claims Review

Unmanaged workers' compensation claims have a tendency to stay open indefinitely. Both the number and value of open claims at the time of your experience modification calculation and policy renewal increase your costs, negatively impacting your bottom line. We are proactive in getting files closed quickly by:

  • Initiating strategy meetings with the adjusters/examiners handling your claims to hold them accountable to our action plan;
  • Analyzing and discussing the cause of the claim, investigation processes, appropriateness of reserves and our action plan; and
  • Providing timely written reports to keep you apprised of current activity.

Litigation Support

The final outcome of litigated workers' compensation claims are proven to be significantly better with an action plan that considers input from the employer, broker, risk manager and the employer's legal counsel. To help you have a voice in the claims process, we partner with a highly specialized workers' compensation defense law firm to ensure these objectives are met. You are in the driver's seat and the attorneys are accountable to you.

Strategic Planning

Our experts increase the quality and efficiency of your risk management program. Our Employer School Workshops cover topics including report procedures, legislative updates, hiring procedures, medical protocols, benefits, reserves, return-to-work options and the implementation and utilization of the Medical Provider Network. We also are available to help you negotiate policy terms and conditions and reinsurance agreements for fronted programs.

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"Through experience, I have learned that you get what you pay for when it comes to insurance services. We remain happy clients of SullivanCurtisMonroe because they go out of their way to educate us about insurance and risk management. They are very responsive, and communicate in a way that we actually understand." - President, Landscape Contractor