Property & Casualty Claims

Your warehouse floods. What will your insurance policy cover? You have been served a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by one of your supervisors. What do you do next? We are available to answer questions like these. More importantly, we make the claims process as efficient as possible by acting as a liaison between you and the carrier, advocating your position through to the claims resolution.

Claims Reporting

As Your Risk Management Authority, our highly experienced and dedicated team facilitates prompt claims reporting. But, our job does not stop there. We analyze policy language and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. We diligently follow up with the insurance company representative assigned to your claim on a regular basis until the claim is concluded, always keeping you informed of its status.

Claims Review

We customize claims review procedures to meet your objectives. We are available to:

  • Investigate claims with complex coverage issues;
  • Report on claims investigations and the accuracy of claims reserves;
  • Help you establish a strategic action plan to help close open claims; and
  • Arrange and attend meetings to resolve coverage disputes.

Litigation Support

We ensure the proper reporting of lawsuits related to insurance claims. When a lawsuit is served, contact us and we will handle the rest. In addition to managing the claim to conclusion, we offer guidance to help eliminate the risk of violating your policy conditions or jeopardizing your coverage.

Strategic Planning

The large volume of claims handled by our team of claims professionals results in tremendous knowledge and insight that we share with you. We welcome your "what if" questions because they help us guide you to the most appropriate risk management solutions. In turn, you will gain peace of mind that you are doing everything that you can to protect your employees, colleagues and yourself.

commercial building on fire

"A final thank you to SCM for supporting us through this lengthy process ... it really felt like you guys were behind us."

- Chief Financial Officer, Dairy