Certificate Tracking

Failing to track certificates of insurance of vendors, suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and tenants increases the risk of insurance claims and costly lawsuits. Our expert team manages certificates of insurance for you, ensuring that those you do business with are in compliance. We take this time-consuming administrative hassle off of your desk, freeing you to focus on the revenue and profit-generating aspects of your business, confident that you are not subject to unforeseen risks caused by non-compliant third parties.

Our full-service certificate tracking services are managed by in-house SCM insurance specialists. By managing the process for you electronically, we ensure compliance with your risk management program by identifying deficiencies such as:

  • Inadequate Limits
  • Missing Endorsements
  • Coverage Shortfalls
  • Expired Policies
  • Carrier Rating
  • Cancellation Clause Traps

Benefits of Outsourcing

Third party expert scrutiny: Having certificates reviewed by SCM insurance professionals reduces the chance of assuming unintended risk.

Quality control: Enforce uniform standards throughout your organization.

Reduce risk: Protect your financial resources from claims generated by business partners.

Knowledge: Improve risk management awareness.

Efficiency: Free up your time to focus on operating your business.

Reporting: SCM regularly generates reports based on your instruction parameters, timing and recipient list. Standard reports available include:

  • Expired Certificates
  • Missing Certificates
  • Cancelled Policies
  • Non-Compliant Certificates
  • Letters Sent by Status
  • Compliant Certificates
  • Summary of Non-Compliant Letters Sent
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"Thanks to SCM, my call volume to tenants and vendors has been greatly reduced while my certificate compliance numbers have increased."

- Risk Manager, Property Management Company