Case Studies - Commercial Risk Management

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Manufacturer of Commercial Coffee Brewing Equipment

Workers' Compensation claims had spiraled out of control. The company was experiencing far too many claims, and the associated expenses were costing far too much. As a result, premiums paid for Workers' Compensation coverage had increased dramatically, substantially impacting the company's profitability.

Trucking, Storage and Warehousing Services Company

The company's workers' compensation claims were excessive. With a workers' compensation experience modification in the 170% range, the client's profitability was suffering. While the employer had attempted to address these losses through safety meetings, training and incentive programs, they were not achieving the desired results.

National Real Estate Investment Company

As a result of significant growth and a number of acquisitions, the company needed several insurance policies consolidated. Its previous insurance broker was unable to resolve this for the company. The company turned to SCM due to its reputation for long-standing carrier relationships within the industry.

Privately-held Real Estate Company

The company had made numerous acquisitions, including community shopping centers, power centers and multi-tenant industrial properties, all of which were covered by separate policies. As a result, policy renewal was an administrative nightmare for the company.

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"I am a true advocate of SullivanCurtisMonroe. Across the board, the people at SCM are of the highest integrity and have great attitudes and skill-sets. Their superb knowledge of our industry and access to gold-plated carriers enabled them to perfect the way our insurance coverage works."

- COO - Manufacturer of Commercial
Coffee Brewing Equipment