Certificates On-Demand

SCM is pleased to offer you access to this innovative program!

Certificates On-Demand enables you to go on-line and order Certificates and Evidences of Insurance directly, rather than complete a separate form, send an email or fax a request. Also, you can easily view and print previously issued Certificates and Evidences of Insurance at your convenience, 24/7.

How It Works:

Access will be given via a link provided by SCM. You can click the the link or paste it to your web browser to access the site. Once there, you simply login and complete the form. All the information needed is on this one screen. You can also attach a PDF file with additional information such as a contract, lease or other correspondence. When you enter and save your request, your SCM contact is notified by email to complete the issuance process. You will receive a confirmation email that the request was sent and once the certificate or evidence is completed, you and the certificate holder will also receive an email or faxed copy of the documents, as requested.

If you are interested in Certificates On-Demand, contact your SCM representative for a login and training.

certificate request pen and checkmark