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California Workers’ Compensation: Are we heading for another crisis? By David Kummer

Plagued by skyrocketing medical costs, arbitrary medical decisions, fraud and escalating legal challenges to treatment, the Workers’ Compensation system in California was in crisis in the late 1990s. By 2003, at the height of the crisis, employers were paying out an average of $6.45 in insurance premium per $100 of payroll. Despite the high rates, insurance companies were paying out $1.86 in claims costs for every $1.00 of premium collected. By 2004, year over year underwriting losses had forced 25 insurance carriers into insolvency.

Health Care Reform Executive Luncheon, November 2010

A special presentation tailored specifically for business owners and executives.

Health Care Reform Seminar, October 2010

Learn how your business might be impacted by new legislation.

SCM named as one of Orange County's Best Companies to Work For

OC Metro magazine includes SCM among their top ten choices.

Executive Roundtable Luncheon, May 2010

SCM and Citizens Business Bank team up to present a series of Executive Roundtable Luncheons for business owners. Topics include economic trends and predictions, a review of the credit crunch and an actuarial analysis of the insurance marketplace.

Private Company Directors and Officers Coverage, by David Kummer

Should it be first on your list, rather than last?